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All About Zinc and Asthma: Understanding the Connection

Asthma is a complex condition; each patient has his own triggers that set off an asthma attack, and the causes of asthma arel under investigation by scientists. One factor that has been explored as a contributor to asthma is zinc deficiency. Read on to learn all about zinc, its role in the body and how a deficiency contributes to your asthma symptoms....(more)

Vital Tips for Asthma Prevention in Children

Asthma is a very serious and sometimes life-threatening condition. Those who suffer from this condition in childhood are at a particularly high risk for complications. Proper treatment and asthma prevention techniques help ease the burden placed on these children and reduce their risk of suffering an attack....(more)

A General Overview of Live Attenuated Vaccines: A Medical Profile

Seasonal influenza exacerbates asthma attacks in asthmatics, especially children. Influenza vaccinations, especially live attenuated vaccines, minimize the risk of contracting influenza. National and international health care organizations recommend that all asthma patients receive yearly vaccinations against the prevalent strains of influenza. Both inactivated and live vaccines for influenza exist. Selecting the appropriate vaccine helps minimize asthma attacks....(more)


Knowing the Signs: Using Spirometry to Treat Asthma

Spirometry and asthma are related because doctors often use spirometry tests to help establish asthma diagnoses. Aside from helping to diagnose the condition, spirometry is able to assist you with the management of asthma. By understanding the nature of spirometry and asthma, you can better understand how asthma treatment works....(more)

Treatment Options for People With Asthma

Asthma occurs in various levels of severity and reacts to different external conditions based on the patient. The disease makes breathing difficult and triggers coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Since no cure exists, prevention and long-term control of asthma symptoms provide essential relief. Asthma treatment options vary depending on severity and situation....(more)

Severe Allergic Reactions: Treating Anaphylaxis in Emergency Situations

Anaphylaxis is a multi-organ, potentially fatal type of allergic reaction. Symptoms including abdominal pain, chest pain, problems breathing and more can develop within minutes or even seconds. If you are in a situation where you encounter such an attack, it is important you understand the process of treating anaphylaxis in an emergency situation....(more)


Links Between High Blood Pressure and Asthma

Studies have shown a link between high blood pressure and asthma. So is high blood pressure another thing asthmatics need to worry about? ...(more)

The latest definition of asthma

Asthma experts are constantly learning more about asthma. Here is the latest definition. ...(more)

Correctly Stopping Your Asthma Attack

Every asthmatic will suffer from an occasional asthma attack. So it's best every asthmatic be aware of these eight steps to stop an asthma attack. ...(more)